Ultrasound Gel

Product Specification
Weight: 5kg
Product Size: 19cm X 23cm X 21.5cm
Product Composition: 5kg (1 container / 250ml)
Glycerin, Carbomer, P.G

Ultrasound Gel and Substance

Paraffin the rapy is a new skin care therapy that uses paraffin's heat conductivity properties such as thermal insulation, moisture protection, and nutrition supply. The principle of heat therapy encourages smooth blood flow and increases body temperature by promoting perspiration. It helps to discharge waste through sweating. Various oils contained in paraffin for heating therapy increase moisturizing effects in the skin, and promotes blood circulation and nutrition supply through heat, which is particularly beneficial for the prevention of dry skin and wrinkles. Paraffin massage was once done only at skin care clinics, but due to the development of a new product, bridal beauty care, convenient and specialized skincare are now possible in comforts of home.

How to Use

Place an appropriate amount of the gel into a 250ml container, and boil. Apply gel to the area to be treated by squeezing the container.