about inntop

"We promise to do our best to ensure your health and happiness."

Since February 22 when it began the production of eco-friendly and skin health products, Inntop Co. has introduced core technology and development elated to skin moisturization, dead skin cell removal, and additional skin care through continuous investment in research and development. We have now reached the stage for developing and producing weight loss products for weight reduction and body lipolysis for the treatment of obesity by introducing Paraffin wax through new and advanced technology. With the development of advanced technology, the function of Paraffin, which was once used only for medical purposes in the fields of dermatology and orthopedics, is now being used for a variety of other purposes such as skin care and massage. By developing similar materials,various new products such as ultrasound gel (for medical use), feminine wash, moisturizer, lubricant, and hand sanitizer are being produced. In particular, international buyers, who have recognized the effects of Paraffin, are gradually increasing their order of paraffin wax. Accordingly, Inntop will continue its efforts and re-investment in research and development to become the best company in the world.

Inntop Co.,Ltd. CEO Seo Hwan-seok